10 Tips for Leveraging the Power of SlideShare for Visual Content Marketing

SlideShare visual content

SlideShare gets more traffic from business owners than other social media platforms. Given the potential for content marketing and the fact not many marketers are taking advantage of it, here are 10 top tips for leveraging the power of SlideShare.net for visual content marketing.

1. Approach it like an Infographic

SlideShare is more of a visual platform than a blogging platform. As such, focus on creating the visual experience. Great presentations tell stories through visual media. People aren’t interested in reading slides covered in text. Around 45% of SlideShare presentations have an average of 24 words per slide, which is roughly two sentences. Presentation developers are beginning to get the message that less is more when it comes to text.

2. Keep Things Clear

Many SlideShare presentations are worthless because they are created to accompany spoken presentations. The slides offer visual fluff to keep audiences alert. SlideShare presentations must work as standalone content to be used for content marketing.

3. Repurpose Old Blog Posts

When it comes to repurposing old content, it doesn’t get much better than SlideShare. Most old blog posts can be taken and turned into SlideShare presentations. It’s not easy and it can take some time. Anyone that has put slide presentations together knows that it can take hard work to put one together. The work is all worth it however, as presentations allow you to reach out and spread your content to new platforms and audiences. Spreading great content on different platforms means having great content marketing.

4. Add Details

Make sure you fill out all the fields when publishing a presentation. Choose a category to fit the presentation and target audience. Put plenty of detail into the written description. You’ve got 3,000 characters to play with, which is plenty of real estate. Adding more details gives you a better chance at getting eyes on your presentation. Don’t forget you need to add keywords to the tag field.

5. Share Your Presentations

Upload each presentation you create. If you’re going to spend the time and effort it takes to put a presentation together, then it’s worth sharing it. This sounds obvious, but it’s still worth bringing up – the more platforms your presentation is promoted on, the more exposure you get for it. You need to share it on your social media networks and include it in a blog post at the very least. SlideShare has options for sharing presentations on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn with just one click. You should include presentations as part of your LinkedIn profile.

6. Frequently Produce New Content

As is the case with each kind of content marketing, you need to be consistent. If you are going to use SlideShare then do so regularly. SlideShare focuses on newly created and uploaded presentations. The more presentations you create and post, the better your chance of being featured.

7. Make a Great Cover Slide

Your cover slide will be single most important slide in the presentation. Cover slides draw in an audience to your presentation. It has to be as visually powerful as it can possibly be.

8. Write Powerful Headlines

Headlines in SlideShare are as valuable as they are for written content. SlideShare themselves recommend having great headlines if you want to be featured.

9. Keep Things Short and Sweet

People can see the number of slides in a deck before opening it. They’re likely going to avoid decks that they feel would take too long to go through. The average length of a SlideShare presentation was 14.4 slides for 2013, four less than it was in 2012.

10. Include a Call to Action

To make a truly effective SlideShare presentation you need to include a Call to Action (CTA). SlideShare allows for the use of clickable links in slides that send users to separate sites.

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