How to Turn Off Animation on All Slides

Remove animation in PPT

In this mini tutorial we are not going to go in-depth about animation, we are just simply going to go through how to remove transitions and animations from all slides with few simple clicks.

1. Disable all animations in a PowerPoint presentation

Go to Slide Show tab -> Set Up Slide Show.

On the set up window select ‘Show without animation‘ and hit OK.

Remove animation from PowerPoint

Do note that Transitions do still remain but you can easily remove those as well. Select all the slides from the Slides Pane that you want to remove Transition effect from (hold Shift to select multiple slides), once you got the slides selected go to Transitions tab and select None.

Remove transitions from PowerPoint

2. How to all remove animation from one slide

The fastest way to remove ALL animation from one slide on the select all the elements (CTRL + A) and from the Animation tab select None. Now you have successfully deleted all the animation from that slide.

The long way to do this is to open up the Animation Pane, selecting a animation and clicking on the arrow down and selecting Remove. And how do you know if a slide has animation before hand? You’ll see these little numbers on the slide while on the Animations tab. You can also see this star next to the slides in the slides pane if there is animation OR transition effect on the slide.

Hope you found this mini tutorial helpful. If you got any questions, comment below.

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