Import and Export Custom Shapes as EMF Files

EMF shapes

EMF files can be very handy, you can create custom shapes in PowerPoint, save them as EMF and then edit on Illustrator or to use on your future presentations.

How to import EMF file to PowerPoint

To bring EMF to PowerPoint go to Insert -> Pictures and choose the EMF file. Once you have it set on your slide and if you want to edit it you’ll need to ungroup it, so go to Format -> Group -> Ungroup and say Yes to the question that pops up. You will need to ungroup it a second time for it to be fully ungrouped and editable. Now you can give it color, outlines, shadow etc. If you have problems coloring the shape, there is often this invisible square that used to be the background, delete this layer so that you can access the actual shape. To see all the layers on the Home tab choose Select -> Selection Pane.

How to export shape as an EMF in PowerPoint

Once you have your custom shape ready, group it and right click on it and choose Save As Picture. Name your shape and choose EMF from the dropdown. Now you can take the file and edit it in Illustrator or use it on your future presentations.

How to save file as EMF in Illustrator

As mentioned on our previous post Using Adobe Illustrator Shapes in PowerPoint instead of Save As, you’ll need to choose Export in Illustrator to save the shape as EMF.

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