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Fix boring bullet points

How to Easily Fix Boring Bullet Points

As we all know a long list of bullet points in your presentation is a no-no. In this article I’ll show you how to use SmartArt to quickly style your bullet points.

Open your bullet list and select it, then select Convert To SmartArt from the Home tab and select the smart art that you like. If you can’t find the style you like click on the More SmartArt Graphics. I selected the Staked List.

Next style your smart art by opening the Text Pane. I want to have the percentage in the bubble so I drop the text after the percentage to a second line (click your cursor there and hit Enter) and then press Tab to put it in the box.

After editing the text we are going to break the SmartArt a part so that we can have more freedom with the editing. Select the SmartArt and press CTRL + SHIFT + G TWICE to ungroup all the elements. Now you can further style and edit the bullets. SmartArts are editable but can sometimes be clumsy, so when you break them apart the editing is more flexible.

This is an easy way to enhance your bullet point, so in brief:
Select the bullet point list
Select SmartArt

Better bullet points

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