How to Create a Light Bulb in PowerPoint

Ever seen a presentation and wonder how those unique infographic shapes were made? Here we’ll show you how to do it all in PowerPoint. You can download the light bulb slide here.

We are going to start by using 3 basic shapes. If you hover over the shapes you’ll see the names: under flowchart choose Terminator and Delay and under basic shapes choose Teardrop.

For the base start with the Delay shape. Once you have Delay shape ready, rotate it and add the 3 Terminator shapes. Select them all and choose align center from Format -> Align (make sure Align selected object is selected).

Next we are going to do the top and choose the Teardrop shape. After drawing the drop shape turn it the right way and pull from the yellow handle and stretch the end of the drop all the way down, just like on the image above.

Place the drop shape there where you think it looks good and looks closest to a light bulb. Now draw a rectangle on top of the end of the drop, where you want to cut it.

Select only the rectangle and drop shape and go to Format -> Merge Shapes. When you hover over the options you’ll see what the result will look like. Choose Fragment and delete all the unnecessary fragment parts.

Stretch the bulb part up a bit. There you have it, your light bulb is ready.

You can leave it as is or you can continue editing your shape like in the image below. Merge Shapes is a handy tool and you can create nice things with it.

If you are looking for more creative shapes for PowerPoint, try out our Infographic PowerPoint Template.

Download the light bulb slide freebie.

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