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Convert Font to Shape

How to Convert Font to Shape in PowerPoint

Ever needed to convert font or icon font in to a shape? In this article I’ll show you how simple it is to convert any font in to a shape. What’s the benefit? If someone else needs to edit the template they don’t need to install the icon font. You can also combine the new shapes you’ve created and get creative and why not to turn the custom shape in to a custom placeholder.

Step 1 – Select the character

Add a text box and select the icon you want to turn in to a shape. For example to add a Font Awesome icon, add a text box, go to the Insert tab and select Symbol. On that window, select Font Awesome from the dropdown and select your icon and click Insert.

Convert Font to Shape

Step 2 – Add rectangle

Draw a rectangle shape that covers the icon, remove the outline. Send the rectange to the back (right click the rectangle and select Send Back).

Step 3 – Merge shapes

Select both of the elements, go to Format tab -> Merge Shapes -> Intersect. There you go, your icons is ready.

Font to Shape

Simple and easy. You can use the other merge option to create other creative shapes. Did you know that all Slideson presentation templates come with hundreds of icons that are fully editable in PowerPoint?

Here are some free fonts for your inspiration:

Some Creative Slides by Slideson

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Infographics and Diagrams for PowerPoint
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