Best PowerPoint Templates

Best PowerPoint Templates

We put together this list of best PowerPoint templates because we know creating a PowerPoint presentation means having to choose the right template to make the slideshow look its best, impress the audience, and leave a lasting impression. More often than not, you won’t know what choice to make. All you know is that the default templates are no good because they are too basic and don’t look professional at all.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your presentation and make something really special on PowerPoint, then you’d have to do a little digging online in the hopes of finding the best PowerPoint templates for professional presentations.

No matter what you do though, you’ll find excellence isn’t effortless to find. You’ll find templates, sure, but they’ll be dull or cheesy.

That’s why I’ve decided to help out a little and help you find the very best PowerPoint templates around to give your presentation a boost.

We promise that this selection of best PowerPoint templates for business presentation will definitely capture the attention of your audience like never before!

Stylish PowerPoint Slide Designs

Just include some unique ideas to these carefully-crafted PPT template designs. These stylish PowerPoint slide designs come complete with creative graphics and timelines, captivating layouts, integrated charts and data designs, infographics, portfolio designs and so much more.

Input your unique information and key assets to prepare your presentation. Include some engaging graphics as well to present a better visual image to move and impress the audience.

As I was putting together this list of the best PPT templates, I focused on putting together the most visually appealing charts and diagrams, most eye-catching ways to present images, and professionally built layouts. Of course, it was my priority to choose templates that could be easily adjusted and edited to suit your needs.

These PowerPoint presentation templates have the proper content structure, creative details, modern color schemes, clear typography, and the modern look necessary to turn your idea into a truly brilliant presentation.

What Are The Best PowerPoint Presentation Templates?

With all that said, here are the very best PowerPoint template downloads;

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Best PowerPoint template

Pitch Deck PowerPoint templates are great templates to know how to use. These templates are essential when starting up a company. So, what do you need to include in your pitch deck to make sure your company is one people want to invest in? The most important things are clarity and simplicity.

Making the presentation clear and easy to comprehend is a key part of securing funding. Make it so that people can see the data and the problems your company solves. Combine that with a simple explanation of all of the problems your solution solves and how your idea will generate money to have the best chance at securing investments.

This Next Level Pitch Deck for PowerPoint has 48 professionally designed slides giving you many options to present your pitch.

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Marketing PowerPoint Template

Marketing plan PowerPoint template

Explaining marketing plans and business proposals takes a mixture of all different kinds of data to target the right people.

The data might be incredibly boring, but that’s no reason for the presentation to be boring too. It needs to be conveyed in a creative and fun way to add some excitement to proceedings.

It’s important that you present the information in a joyous way and allow your audience to easily understand it all. This is especially crucial when making a presentation to people without much experience in that area.

If you don’t take the time to carefully explain the important parts they are going to be missed entirely.

This Ultimate Marketing template is great for presenting marketing strategies and other marketing related presentations. It includes slides such as Customer acquisition, Buyer’s journey, AIDA funnel, Customer purchase path, Key customer, Timelines, and so much more.

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Best Business PowerPoint Template

Best Business PowerPoint Template

Well designed PowerPoint templates for business contain graphs, charts, timelines, infographics, and more. They have all the tools needed to properly communicate a message to the audience. Because you can easily customize all of the elements and all of the slides, you can alter them to better suit your needs.

Creating professional presentations for your business is simple with the best business PowerPoint template, such as this template with 47 slides with team introduction, diagrams, charts, milestones, timelines, pricing tables and so much more.

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Portfolio PowerPoint Template

Portfolio PowerPoint template

Collect all of the work in this creative portfolio PowerPoint template. It represents you and what you’ve managed to achieve in your field. It’s important that your portfolio look clean and professional.

Portfolios are great for anyone wanting to present their work such as photographers, graphic designers, interior designers, fashion designers, stylist etc.

College applications may require you to submit your portfolio, as may job applications; especially for jobs in artistic fields.

Working in the creative industry means you have to be prepared to showcase your work. Present your portfolio and make it look its best with some help from the easily edited portfolio PowerPoint template.

If your work consists of pictures, videos, or even audio, then turning it into a PowerPoint presentation is an effective way to present your skills.

This creative portfolio PowerPoint template has 23 unique slides for you to present your work. Use the slides that you need and delete/hide the rest. Save it as PDF, then upload online, attach in emails or present from your phone/tablet/computer.

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Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Business plan PowerPoint template

The ideal business plan will explain only the most relevant and important information about a business – what you hope to accomplish, how you’ll do it, and what you need along the way to get it done.

With that said, you don’t need to write a novel to write a business plan, nor do you need endless reams of financial statements.

A good length for a business plan is around 25 slides, which gives you plenty enough room to describe the ins and outs of your business. The only thing your business plan has to do is answer all the relevant questions you can imagine your investors, partners and team would have.

Slideson offers a complete business plan PowerPoint template that has 105 slides! Pick and choose the slides that you need for your business plan. The template includes slides such as: market analysis, target market segmentation, five force analysis, SWOT analysis, marketing plan, milestones, marketing objectives, marketing mix and much more.

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Startup PowerPoint Template

Startup PowerPoint Template

To describe the research and decision making that brought your company to where it is, as well as sharing your plans for the future, can be overwhelming to put in to a presentation. The Startup pitch deck template gives you a simple way to present data in an easily understood format.

Share the story of your startup with this visually-focused template. It’s ideal for presenting everything from sales forecasts to SWOT analysis.

With 41 different customizable slides across 24 color themes, this Startup pitch deck offers entrepreneurs the tools they need to share their company information with other people. Impressive slides include graphics, diagrams, and charts to best showcase data in visually compelling ways.

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Minimal PowerPoint Template Design

Minimal PowerPoint Template Design

This minimalist PowerPoint presentation comes with a range of options built in for a great looking presentation. If you have important information that you need to present, then you need this set of slides. It’s ideal for both personal and corporate use. It comes with 65 slide designs that are easy to edit and fully customizable.

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Multipurpose PPT Template

Multipurpose PowerPoint Business Template

If you’re looking to create a presentation with strong and stunning ideas, then you should consider this template. It has 73 creative slide designs, along with modern layout options, allowing you to create a presentation that clearly conveys your message.

Whether you’re looking to showcase the latest images of your product, showcase the story of your business, or present compelling infographics to a group of people, this multipurpose PowerPoint template has everything you need to create something stunning.

This multipurpose template is ready to be turned into any kind of presentation and it can be quickly customized to suit your needs. Use this template to create a fresh, beautiful, functional presentation.

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Creative PPT Template

Creative PowerPoint Template

Creative, gradient PowerPoint template that comes with 67 creative slides. You can use this creative presentation template for many purposes.

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Illustrated PowerPoint Slides

Illustrated PowerPoint Template

If you are looking for more creative approach on your presentation then this template is a great pick. Includes 10 illustrations, charts, timeline, pricing table, maps and much more. Also includes hundreds of icons to use on your presentation.

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SWOT Analysis for PowerPoint

SWOT Analysis PPT
Being able to present important data is vital to assuring the continued progress of your business. While it may not be easy to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your organization, creating a simple and cohesive presentation of those findings should be when you take advantage of this PowerPoint template.

It is important to have a comprehensive but still easy-to-understand SWOT analysis in order to strategically plan ahead with your business. This template offers all the tools needed to put together an attractive, elevated SWOT analysis that celebrates the successes, highlights potential changes, and ultimately takes your company into the future. This mini deck includes multiple SWOT slides as well as other useful slides.

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Maps for PowerPoint + Other Specialty Decks

Maps for PowerPoint
This deck is great if you need maps in your presentation. Includes countries, continents and states. It’s great as is or for you to combine with any presentation of yours.

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But wait, there’s more!

Check out these other specialty decks that can help you build a custom presentation:

Infographic slides
PowerPoint dashboards

Timelines and Gantt Charts
Device mockups for PowerPoint

Best PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentation

This was our list of the best PowerPoint templates that have on-point designs, creative and modern features to separate your presentation from the crowd. Download one of these inspiration and fun presentation design template today. Add your information and ideas to these templates without a fuss, and optimize the message to have the best impact possible on the audience.

We’ll continue building this list of best PowerPoint templates for professional presentations so make sure you bookmark this article and save your favorite templates to Pinterest.

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